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Kathleen Hyland

Erik was the strength & conditioning coach for my team when I was playing varsity basketball. He was always encouraging, attentive, and had excellent organizational and programming skills. Erik was able to support and supervise the whole team while attending to individual needs, ensuring all the athletes had proper form and provided alternative exercises if the movements weren’t working for your body. He was able to answer questions and helped us achieve goals all while fostering a fun, energetic, and supportive environment! It was a great experience being coached by Erik.

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Seif Sanad

I’m a young athlete who had a dream to play for his nation and in a world cup one day. I’ve had many trainers in my carrier as I had the chance to represent Canada in under age groups. I had an opportunity to be trained by Erik before one of my camps and the results I got were out of this world. I have never felt faster and stronger, after that I had a different trainer and didn’t really like him as much so I reach out to Erik again and the program he put me on was designed in what I needed and what I liked to work on. The training sessions are fun with a lot of new exercises that are enjoyable and he does not make the workouts boring. Highly recommend!!


Tanner Bishop Coaching, CSCS

Former Intern


I first met Erik in an interview for the internship program he was starting at SMU. I had already been training and learning about training for a long time before applying to the program but had little practical experience in the world of coaching. Erik is a really smart guy with lots of knowledge and experience, which is what made him such a good mentor. I can honestly say that working with Erik helped develop my coaching skills. Eventually, I wrote my CSCS exam with the NSCA and my experience working with Erik was an asset in preparing for the exam. So whether you're a new coach, an experienced coach or an athlete, it never hurts to have a coach for yourself who can help expand your views on the world of S&C. Erik is a reliable and practical resource for information on strength and conditioning!

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Elish Redshaw

As a high-performance athlete, I have had many trainers over the years, but none have gone above and beyond as Erik has. I first met Erik through Saint Mary's University where he was the strength and conditioning coach for my rugby team. His programs would focus on our team goals while incorporating position-specific elements to help us become better in all aspects of the game. When our head coach took an unexpected leave, Erik was there to keep our team focused on the season ahead. There is not another trainer that I would trust more to help me achieve my goals. I never feel more confident in my abilities than when I am training with Erik because he is confident in my abilities. He is the person I can go to with an outlandish goal, and his response is always "when do we start". His programs are exceptional, you feel yourself improving every step of the way. With Erik's programming, I was able to take 5 minutes of my half marathon time within two months and we're not done yet. I am very excited to see what the future holds!

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Jaime Rourke

There are simply not enough words to deeply express my gratitude for Erik's program and presence. My journey as a varsity athlete did not hit its peak until I got the physical and mental strength Erik’s program offered me. Not only was his programming effective, he always showed up as his best self and supported me in and out of the gym. I’m very grateful for his desire to make me a better athlete and person and for that alone is why he is one of the top coaches I’ve had the privilege of training under.


Thank you, Erik!


Katie Peddle


As a Varsity athlete, I was not only lucky to have been trained by Erik, but I was also given the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to maximize performance through his Strength and Conditioning Internship program. I have been exposed to multiple types of training programs, and in my years of being an elite athlete, I felt like I was able to perform better and more consistently when I had a coach who structured their program around the type of athlete I was. Erik was able to provide us the best type of training possible, and showed that he is organized, professional and knowledgeable. I have never questioned his training program because I always knew exactly what I was doing and exactly why I was doing it. Erik is a trainer that you can rely on to push you to your limits while also helping you understand the WHY, keeping his athletes engaged, focused and determined.


Kristin D'Eon
Snowboard NS Technical Director

Erik is a killer S&C coach because he cares for the person first. He knows that performance will come faster because he is fully invested in your success. Coming from an unorthodox sport, Erik took the time to learn the sport and come up with inventive training methods to make our training more sport-specific and more engaging for the athletes. Nothing was ever set in stone with his training. I always felt involved in the planning of the program with his guidance.

1000/10 would recommend Erik as your S&C coach.

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Megan MacNeil

I first met Erik when he worked with the CSCA and was one of the trainers for my Canada games team. Years later he has trained me one on one and helped me work towards my fitness goals and get me back on track with my fitness and weight loss journey. I have worked with lots of team trainers and personal trainers over the years and Erik was the only one that made me feel truly supported,confident, and strong. Erik is an incredibly educated trainer and individual. He doesn’t just walk you through the workout plans he takes the time to teach you the science and reasoning behind what he is teaching you and how it is going to make a difference. He is hard working, caring, motivating, and will help you every step of the way.


Daniel Velocci



I have been very lucky to be coached by Erik for the past 5 years, as he is by far the best strength coach I’ve ever had. Whether it was with Football Nova Scotia or Saint Mary’s University, Erik truly helped me become the athlete I am today. He would constantly push us to be the best we could be. Erik is extremely knowledgeable on all the mechanics of lifting, running and how to put it all together. He used this knowledge to build custom individual workout plans based on our body and our needs. All in all, Erik is not only a great strength coach but an amazing person who genuinely cares about getting you better and putting you in the best position to win.

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Emilie Proulx

Erik was my strength and conditioning coach for 3 years during my competitive curling career. Erik is extremely knowledgeable in what he does and was able to effectively communicate what he knows to me and my teammates to help us maximize our performance both on and off of the ice. Erik is helpful, understanding, encouraging, and you know he’s always there for you and pushes you to be your best. The environment with Erik was always tons of fun, high energy, and full of support. Erik is an amazing coach, friend, and mentor and not only helped me change physically but also my mindset around training that led to many successful curling seasons.


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